Stockholm - Old Town - The Venice of the North. One of Europe's most beautiful cities.

Is it true? No, hardly!
The old town is full of blemishes - dirty, scrawled, unloved and charmless.

It's hard to choose which is actually the ugliest. There is so much.
But here is my list of Stockholm's ugliest places and some scam warnings!

 Review - Verdict: 3 Sweden , Trygg Hansa ... see below!

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Tourist traps in Old Town - Stockholm 2024

NB - many tourist traps in Old town! Our customers have noted , among other things, at these eateries.
Many eateries in Gamla Stan are run by uninformed "
NOTE! We have included these
Almost half the selection in the Old Town.....

Five small houses
Under the Kastanjen
Cafe Kladdkakan
Bread & Salt Bakery
Restaurant Pepe Nero
Restaurant Sallys
Restaurant Stortorgkällaren****
The Flying Elk

Others in Stockholm
Tures, Tennstopet, Vassa Eggen,
Koh Phangan, Zink,

Blå porten, Pelikan, etc.!!

The central bridge, think how beautiful it must have been here before. It is completely unimaginable that one day in the late 60s, the idea of ​​building a motorway over the Old Town and destroying part of Stockholm's most beautiful views could come up. Unbelievable.
The entire Söderleden must be buried.
Remove the traffic on Munk and Skeppsbron, but now there will be more cars straight into the Old Town!
guide Stockholm

Strömbron In 1928, a temporary pontoon bridge was built on the site in connection with repair work on Norrbro. The current Strömbron was put into use on 22 November 1946, after which traffic between Kungsträdgårdsgatan and Skeppsbron avoided the detour via Norrbro. This rescheduling also included tram traffic. Since the bridge was considered a temporary solution, it was made very simple and no effort was put into the aesthetics, although it is perhaps located in the most beautiful place in front of the castle. It has a very poor surface coating. Now with an extended cycle lane..the bridge is just as ugly and miserable though..despite all the flowers in the summer!

The tourist bus stop at the Castle. maybe there must be.. in any case moved to Skeppsbron.

The obelisk on Slottsbacken...the city can't afford it? ! Now new obelisk ready in 2021 but not as pretty!

Västerlånggatan a scrawled tourist ghetto..and ruined with cheap trinket shops and tourist traps!

Mårten Trotzig's alley a sad history with graffiti, the smell of urine and poor lighting. Hordes of tourists run here and what kind of image do they get of Old Stockholm. In 2021, the city has installed lattice gates...we'll see how it goes!

Själagårdsparken/Baggenstäppan by Baggensgatan is a tired and uninspiring dog toilet/rat yard ... someone must be able to make something nice out of the similar Brända tom next door. Would be rebuilt in 2017 ! ..but nothing has happened yet it HAPPENED A LITTLE we have to hope they get it done in 2020 - Now done and it has become acceptable...but must be boas in.

Prästgatan's (and many other streets) unsightly houses.   Homeowners should be required to refurbish to minimal standards at least! Refurbishment/repainting in progress..go and see the result! - It has gotten better...? There should be a BETTER oversight body for Old Town.

Järntorget .. nowadays almost impassable fine days because cheap eateries that don't have serious owners!! All (almost) are tourist traps - SEK 50 for a cup of tea!

Munkbron and Munkbrogatan as well as the Storkyroskolan area are also sad places!! Further graffiti on Solgränd, Prästgatan and others

..and then all the dog shit ..don't know of any place in town that has so can hide your dog and the shit
in the winding streets AND owners think..but it's mostly tourists who trample the!! HAS IMPROVED!

The lock a sad story for decades..what could happen?? Probably no better than a newly renovated old Slussen. ..but it's not actually in the Old Town... WAS GULDBRON GOOD?? Meow!

Restaurants and souvenir shops in the Old Town are
in many cases controlled by fortune seekers and mafia from... well, you know, right?
Be careful not to fall into a tourist trap!

Stockholm is probably the Baltic Sea area's ugliest medieval city!...Why? Well, almost no politicians care. They have poor historical knowledge. Today, it is also not politically correct to care about Sweden.

More suggestions?? Up for a fight against the Stockholm council and the Beauty Council!

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Review, Opinion, 3 Sweden, TryggHansa

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Telekombolaget 3 - three in Sweden
that function as a scam company with lousy service and functionality!
Cheap is usually not good!

Trygg Hansa which refuses to reimburse customers despite witnesses to the accident! 
Totally unacceptable! Spola (O)Trygg-Hansa - Under all criticism.

Review, 3 Sweden,

Warning for Trygg Hansa Insurance Company



Tourist traps in Old Town - Stockholm 2023 - REVIEW

tags: Gevalia and Maxwell House, Aladdin, Marabou, O'boy, Non stop, Toblerone, Daim, V6 Junior, Milka chocolate, Philadelphia, Estrella and others tags #